Indotherm commissioned 15 Ton Furnace in Ranchi and 7 Ton Furnace in Dhaka in January, 2010.

Indotherm secured their first order in Egypt in May 2010.

Indotherm completed shipment of 2 Sets 12 ton Furnace to Bangladesh¸ July¸ 2010.

Indotherm exported its First Furnace to Morocco in August 2010

Indotherm Commissioned its first furnace in Colombia in March 2011  

Indotherm booked its first order from Sudan in July, 2011.

In August, 2011, Indotherm Commissioned 8 Ton Induction Furnace in Angola. This is the first Indotherm Furnace in Angola.

Indotherm Completed the shipment of their First Furnace to Gabon in August, 2011