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Indotherm exporting their Furnace to  Angola for the first time. (December, 2009)


The quality awareness is implanted at the drawing-design stages, which then follows down to all subsequent stages like fixing the specifications, purchasing, component and raw-material level checking, sub assembling, manufacturing and finally the testing and inspection. The same level of quality alertness is observed in the site work like erection, testing, commissioning and after-sales-servicing of Indotherm Furnaces.

The electronic laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments for quality control of electronic equipment, PCBs and sub-assemblies. Special electronic jigs are used for simulating actual furnace conditions while testing the PCBs.
Stage inspections are carried out at different stages during the manufacturing cycle by senior persons only. Indotherm has set a very high and strict quality standard for itself. All its furnaces have to  meet these standards without exception.

In addition to the inspection & testing carried out by the original equipment manufacturers, all bought out items are checked and inspected at Indotherm factory.

  » Save more energy
» Greater equipment reliablity
» Higher efficiency and faster production
» Wide range of furnaces
» 50 kg to 20000 kg holding capacity (steel)
» 50 kW to 8000 kW solid state power
» 250 Hz to 10000 Hz frequency choice
» Easy fault finding system
» Designed for tropical condition
» Maximum melting rate per KVA of electricity
» Higher voltage to power ratio for higher efficiency and lower energy consumption
» Full power from start to end of heat cycle (constant power system)
» Capable of delivering extra power, if desired
» BOD circuits for semi conductor protection
» Medium frequency generation by latest CMOS solid state technology
» Latest current source technology in power system design
» Rugged steel frame melting crucible
» Safe and convenient layout for ease of maintenance
» Reliable double protection in all fault prone areas
» Operate even under drastic voltage fluctuations
» Complete project guidelines
» Guaranteed performance
» Free replacement guaranteed
» Best after-sales-service backup
Design & Drawing Project Consultation Shed & Building Project supervision
Supply of Equipment Installation & Erection Testing & Trial Commissioning & Handover


Apart from design and manufacturing of Induction Furnace, Indotherm undertakes complete Steel Plant Project on turn-key basis involving scrap handling and processing, melting, billet casting, re-rolling, material handling, electricals, air pollution control systems etc.
Indotherm has secured and executed turn-key Steel Projects in Indonesia, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia.

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